Home Exposé Naah-Yerreh Writes: Should EC collapse these 19 ‘Ghost’ political parties?

Naah-Yerreh Writes: Should EC collapse these 19 ‘Ghost’ political parties?

A story is told of a king who for fear of being labeled intolerant by his subjects instructed his chief scribe to write down every opinion expressed by the people, young or old. One day he called for the scrolls to be read to him. After a couple were read, he realised most of the opinions were gibberish. “Useless, useless what waste of precious paper ” the infuriated King yelled.


The story above may be bollocks, but the king was right, waste of paper and space, that’s what these political parties who only spring up during elections have come to symbolize in Ghana.

The Electoral commission of Ghana indicates that 24 political parties are registered with its outfit yet only a few are seen and heard of in the political circles in Ghana.

The 24 registered parties are:

1. Convention People’s Party (CPP)


2. Democratic People’s Party (DPP)

3. Democratic Freedom Party (DFP)

4. Eagle Party (EP)

5. Ghana Democratic Republican Party

6. Great Consolidated Popular Party (GCPP)


7. Ghana National Party (GNP)

8. Ghana Freedom Party (GFP)

9. Independent People’s Party

10. National Democratic Congress (NDC)

11. New Patriotic Party (NPP)

12. New Vision Party

13. People’s National Convention(PNC)

14. Progressive People’s Party

15. Reformed Patriotic Democrats

16. United Peoples Party

17. United Love Party

18. United Front Party

19. United Development System Party

20. United Renaissance Party

21. United Ghana Movement

22. Yes People’s Party

23. All People’s Congress

24 . National Democratic Party

Out of this lot, only four are actively involved and consequently contribute to Ghana’s political process, NPP, NDC, PPP and CPP. The impact of the remaining 19 are negligible. Most of them have no representation in parliament.

It costs the Ghanaian taxpayer money to organize elections, if there was any possibility the cost of election would reduce if these ‘Ghost’ parties were eliminated from our Electoral system then wouldn’t that be the right path to thread?.

Our democracy is 26 years old and no longer at an experimental stage. We should be fine-tuning it to match how the majority of the Ghanaian electorate want our democracy to be, a view which have been expressed repeatedly by the voting pattern of Ghanaians in elections since 1992.

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