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Job advert causes confusion on twitter; see what the advert says

A Nigerian entrepreneur has caused a stir on social media with a tweet advertising for a manager to hire. The content of the advert is what has got a lot of people talking.

The business man who is identified as Samuel Otigba is a brand strategist and he owns a food factory in Kaduna. The entrepreneur is therefore looking for a manager to manage the food.

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Regarding stealing, Samuel made it clear that the manager can steal because he knows he (Manager) will, but Samuel only want the stealing to fall between 5-10% of profits made.

His tweet has received varying reactions with most people agreeing with his bluntness.

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He tweeted: “Looking for someone I can trust to manage my food factory in Kaduna. Good pay with health insurance. You can steal cause I know you will & I can’t control it, but keep the thieving within 5-10% of the total net profit & we are good.”

These days it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get a very honest person to employ to run your business with. There’s a break in trust between employers and Samuel Otigba may not be far from right.

Samuel Otigba is one of the promising young entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Our background checks on him reveals that he was even nominated for Forbes 30 under 30.