Jet 2 Pilot Faints in Cockpit Mid air Forcing an Emergency Landing

A Jet2 flight bound for Madeira has reportedly made an emergency landing at Porto after the pilot fainted.

The Boeing 757 was on its way from Manchester to the holiday island when the drama occurred.

The pilot is understood to have been taken to hospital on arrival.

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The alarm is said to have been sounded around 10.20am local time today and a runway was closed for half an hour till 11am so the emergency landing could take place.

Another Jet2 pilot who was onboard offered to help the crew and helped the co-pilot to land the plane.

Nicholas Banks, a bank worker who was on the plane told MailOnline: “They made the announcement that there had been an incident on the flight deck and another Jet2 pilot who happened to be on holiday came forward from the back of the plane

He offered up his services to the crew and went into the cabin. He didn’t come out until he helped the pilot off the plane when we landed.

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‘The original pilot was wheeled off in wheelchair with an oxygen mask but we couldn’t really see.

“The crew did a great job. I was quite relaxed because of the spare pilot and that there was a co-pilot.

“Now we are stuck in this airport with nothing but a Costa coffee and we are not sure what’s happening.”

Airport sources told local media the airport is now operating normally.

Medical responders sad they had received a request to assist a 40-year-old man who was taken to hospital “as a precaution.”


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