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It’s only a foolish girl who will marry a man in extreme poverty – Reno Omokri

There is a popular held belief, that, a girl who loves a man will stick with the man no matter his financial difficulties. Such a girl will go the extra mile to marry this broke guy she loves so much. This set of girls are usually considered the good ones.

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With respect to this belief, many girls are usually branded money lovers and gold diggers when they decide to jilt their poor boyfriends for rich ones.

But controversial Nigerian lawyer, author and social media preacher, Reno Omokri has revealed that girls who marry guys in their extreme poverty state are not good but very foolish.

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The lawyer cum author argued that, any wise girl will not start a family with a guy who is suffering financially. Rather, the wise girl will work with the guy to fight poverty before marrying him and subsequently bringing forth children to this world.

He tweeted: “Dear men, A girl who marries you while you are suffering is not a ‘good’ girl. Only foolish girls marry you while you are in extreme poverty. Truly good girls will work with you to fight poverty before marrying you and bringing kids into the world.”