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It’s better to ride a bicycle to heaven than drive a Rolls Royce to hellfire – Joy Edjeren advises

Former Nollywood actor turned full time evangelist of the gospel of Christ, Joy Edjeren, has adviced that it is better to be a pauper on earth and make it to heaven than have all the wealth in the world but miss heaven.

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Speaking in light of the recent arrest of Nigerian fraudster Hushpuppi and his gang in Dubai, JJ Bunny as she’s also known, said at a time, she got jealous and envious of the evil and expensive lifestyle her colleagues in Nollywood and other stars used to live until she met Jesus and understood the end that awaited them.

She continued to say that she knew of the evil behind their lavish living, the expensive cars and houses but was branded as jealous anytime she spoke about it.

Concluding, she advised everyone to learn from the end of Hushpuppi, and that it is better to ride her bicycle to heaven than to ride a Rolls Royce into hellfire. She also asked that people be content with what they have and ask about the source of someone’s wealth before wishing to be them.

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I hope the case of this guy that has been arrested will open your eyes to be content and live a godly life. Don’t desire the ways of sinners. They will all perish if they don’t repent.

I was envious when I saw the prosperity of the wicked…until I went into the house of God and I understood their end.

#abeg, allow me to ride my bicycle into Heaven than to rid a Rolls Royce into Hellfire!!” She wrote

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