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Italian Doctor shows the world the only antidote to the Coronavirus in sad video


The Coronavirus pandemic that’s ravaging through the world doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon as the number of cases keep rising each day.

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The United States has now become the epicenter after taking over from Italy which assumed the role from China where the outbreak originated.

Nsemwoha has chanced on a video in which an Italian “Doctor” shows the world the only antidote to stop the virus from spreading.

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In the viral video, Italian “Paper doctor” held a bottle in his hand, calling it the antidote to the highly infectious Coronavirus.

He said if people would take this antidote, it would mean the world will win the fight against the Coronavirus.

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He then opened the bottle and revealed a door key, saying the only antidote known so far is for people to stay home.

“Hi, this is how the vaccine looks like. Please lock your door and sit in your damn houses” he said.

He then went on to show a video of body bags scattered on the floor purportedly the bodies of coronavirus victims in Italy.


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