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Is Seidu Mba NDC or NPP? – Here’s the final Verdict


Following the rescue of the two Canadian ladies and the arrest of 6 suspects including the now popular Seidu Mba, much has been made of Seidu’s political colors.

Mostly NDC members of the public are alleging that he is a member of the dreaded Delta Forces aligned to NPP, while some NPP members also intimate he is a born NDC. So who is Seidu Mba?.

First of all, he’s a suspect in a kidnapping case and he’s currently in police custody assisting investigations and awaiting prosecution.

This back and forth begs the question, Should a criminal be seen through political lens?, is a criminal any less or more of same if he belonged to party A or B?. Political parties are like tribes, everyone belongs to one or at least sympathizes with one. That is okay and shouldn’t come with any special consideration or treatment when the law has to take its course.

Shameless Press Conference

A day after the rescue and arrest, the NDC organized a press conference to show Ghana that Seidu Mba indeed was a member of Delta force vigilante group. The act which is shameful and must be condemned was aimless as of what it sought to achieve.

The Verdict

Having considered all there is to consider, the verdict is one that any right thinking person would come to. Seidu Mba is an alleged criminal (Innocent until proven guilty by a law court of competent Jurisdiction).

Writer: Joseph Naah-Yerreh (Dada Joe)

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