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Is marriage for you? Your answer to these 11 questions will let you know.

1. Do you love yourself?


If you do not love yourself then marriage is not for you. You can only give what you have and if you don’t have love for yourself then you will have no love to give another. Stay away from marriage until you learn to love yourself.

2. Do you hate the opposite?

Hate for the opposite is sometimes based on a previous bad experience with someone who hurt you. If that experience shapes how you see the opposite then marriage is not for you. You can’t be with someone you hate.

3. Do you accept the roles of husbands and wives?


The terms of marriage is already specified. You don’t go into marriage to make your own rules. If course you can make some little adjustments but it will be based on agreement by both sides but the fundamentals barely change. If you cannot accept your role in marriage, then this institution is not for you.

4. Are you prepared to make your partner the most important person in your life?

A man shall leave his parents to become one with his wife. Not your parents, children or job. If you are not a good spouse you can’t be a good mother or father. It is therefore necessary that you make your spouse the most important person in your life before your children, parents or career.

5. Can you hold yourself accountable to another person and seek permission from another person?

If you are all about doing what you want when you want then you will make a bad spouse. Marriage is about doing what is in the interest of you and your spouse too. You will need to speak to your partner about changing jobs or going to the saloon. If you can’t do these then stay away from marriage.


6. Do you have dreams and aspirations towards the realization to which you are working?..

If your life is only based on what your partner can do then you are a liability to the marriage. You have to have something going for you, a job, a business, a career etc. You must contribute to the growth and upkeep of the family.

7. Do you think you are perfect?

If you are perfect in your own eyes, then marriage is not for you because Angels don’t marry. Iron sharpens iron, if you are a shiny sharp iron then you need no sharpening and you won’t be willing to sharpen your spouse.

8. Do you respect and honour your parents?

Marriage is based on honor, if you cannot honor and respect your parents then it will be difficult for you to respect your spouse.

9. Do you see only a bleak future?

One of the key objectives of marriage is to raise the next generation. If you see no future then you will not have the need to raise the future to carry on the mandate of the human race.

10. Are you the giving type?

Marriage is a game of give and take. Not one of give and give. If you have a problem giving then you are a liability to your spouse and will make a bad marriage partner.

11. Does your career mean more to you than your spouse?

If yes stay married to your job. As previously mentioned, your spouse should be your first priority before any thing else. Your family must be a priority not your job. If you can’t accept this then marriage definitely isn’t for you.