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Stanley Writes: Seemingly Intellectuals Ruining Nations


Ever since I came across this word and found its’ meaning, it drops in my mind anytime I want to say or write something. It has become my favourite word now. I strongly believe if we all practice it, we would impact the world we live in.

In a basic explanation, this word means the ability to think in a logical way to understand how things are, and how they happen. It’s ascribed to a class of people who are well educated and able to discern, think through the happenings in life and address it in a logical way. And intellectual, is the word I’m talking about.

So an intellectual person has the ability to reason logically (naturally, without the influence of anything which is mainly emotional). This also means if you can reason but let some (emotional) factors affect your reasoning and judgement, then your intellectualism is questionable. Intellectualism is fairness or justice. If you can’t use the mind fairly, you’re not an intellectual.

We become blind when we let other factors enshroud our mind (intellect) and affect our reasoning and policies for action. And this type of blindness is the most dreadful. The world is what we see because there are few intellectuals, majority seem intellectual but are blind, and because of their masquerading looks they are listened to, have influence, given power and authority that they are abusing.

Mark knows that this very policy is needful and rational for the country, but because of his affiliations to some societies, he would do even the impossible to prove his opinion the thousand reasons the policy is irrational. These are the kind of people that makes me pray Jesus should come tomorrow.

Let’s look at some factors that has enshrouded the minds of the seemingly intellectuals of this generation.

Partisan Politics

Because ideas and potentials are varying, there is the need for political parties to emerge so that they are elected to rule if their mission and vision align with that of the citizens. This is where you realize that people love their political parties more than the nation itself.

Their support for their parties is so intense that even when they know the policies and plans constructed by their party isn’t fruitful, they defend it, they let this affect their judgment. Whatever their party does is right, the opposition does same thing but they would say it’s wrong. Nations would be better of if partisan politics is trashed, where people despite their love for parties would call a spade a spade as they project love for country over party.

Racial and Tribal Injustice

I dare to ask who had the privilege to choose the complexion he/she wants or the tribe and country to be born in before coming to this earth? Even those with believe in reincarnation never believe that Sam after living and dying as a Blackman and knowing how it felt, decided to come as white in the next world. So what makes you hate someone for his or her race or tribe as if there was a choice.

The world could be a fair place to live if the so called intellectuals would respect every race, and every tribe. But they let racial differences blind the eyes of their minds and make unjust policies to corner some race in darkness and light theirs. It amusing when blacks think only whites are racists. Such a lie, I always say. Maybe they would accept if I say tribalism is to blacks and racism is to whites – but is there difference between racism and tribalism? Its only the spelling that differs.

I’m looking for that day where tribes would speak for each other, where there would be nothing like black or white, where people wouldn’t be shy or afraid to tell where they come from, and I would tell you this day is the most beautiful of all times.

Religious Difference

There are others too who are religiously impacted in a way that it makes them see those who doesn’t share their faith and beliefs are not worthy of living. I think if you’re on the right path, and some are on the wrong, you should have compassion for the lost instead, but the masquerading intellectuals blinded by religion doesn’t see it this way. I don’t pray for such a day, but if we don’t awake our minds, reason intellectually, religious war would be the fate of the world decades to come.

Religion has made some people support unwise policies in their country and the world at large so far as it favoured their faith. It even happens in some organizations where applicants who share same beliefs and faith are employed. I don’t have problems if its a privately owned organization, but don’t be surprised I know of government institutions with this going on. If you’re worker but not sharing their faith, then it means you have a connection with a stakeholder higher than local manager.

Pursue Of Egoistic Ambitions

This is the last I would talk about. Those in this group are neither blinded by politics, nor by religion, nor racism but by their ego. It’s good to dream, to have goals and pursue them. But it’s also necessary that you set goals that are real and attainable not to the detriment of innocent people.

Ego drives and manipulate the reasoning of people and they make them make policies or decisions that help them achieve their goals, and and never care if the entire world goes down as a result. They would steal billions of money and wealth belonging to the entire citizenry for their personal agendas – let the world suffer, their ambitions are the most important…their selfishly evil mindset.


If you love yourself, then do the right thing. There should be a correlation between love for self, political party, religion, race or tribe and love for country. If you love yourself or any of the factors and don’t do the right things for the love of your country, the bad things you feed to the country would yield negative results and come back to affect you and everything you have unjustly toiled for including the particular thing you loved over the country.

Let partisan politics blind you from making fair judgements, let religion, race and ego blind you from reasoning logically thinking you’re intellectual, when the foundations of the country and world collapse, it would fall on all our heads. Maybe you could hide, but it would affect your generations to come.

An intellectual is one who has acquired knowledge from education, and can reason logically to effect rational policies and sound judgements. Even if you have attained all the accolades in education on all the nine planets, and you allow some factors blind your mind from reasoning logically, you’re not an intellectual – you can’t use the mind effectively.

This depicts that we have a very few intellectuals alive, that’s why our country is sinking, and the world at large is how we see it.

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