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Inna Patty finally Clears Air On Pimping Beauty Queens To ‘Big Men’ Allegations


Inna Patty has for the first time responded to allegations about pimping beauty queens from the Miss Ghana Pageant for some ‘Big Men’ in exchange for huge cash.

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she indicates that people who claim she pimps winners of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant are people who want the franchise taken away from her.

According to her, she has never pimped the ladies and such claims are out of jealousy and backwardness.

To her, the queens are adults and therefore she can never force them to engage in things they are not willing to do.

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She made this known when she sat with Bola Ray in an interview on Starr Chat.
“I have a feeling there are invisible forces who probably want the franchise. They want the franchise and they think that when they tarnish your reputation you will give up.

Do you know the first time I was attacked was in 2013 when one of our queens didn’t sit with our model and was unhappy so she said she was going away? Do you know someone called and told me I should forget what they are doing because they have been paid to do it?”

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She noted that although people send facts to journalists in Ghana to publish, Ghanaian journalists with their sensationalism rather publish the wrongs just to tarnish the image of the brand she holds so dear.

Inna Patty noted that most Ghanaian journalists are mischievous; something which does not augur well for the growth of the industry in which they operate.

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