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Incident history of Derek Chauvin shows he is known for inappropriate use of force (See list)

Late George Floyd (Left) / Former Officer Derek Chauvin

A picture making rounds on social media showing past Records of incidents and complaints lodged against Derek Chauvin, the police officer at the center of the death of Goerge Floyd in Minneapolis.

The list purportedly confirmed by Police spokes person, John Elder shows that former Officer Derek has been involved in shootings and incidents that has led to the death of minorities before and there has been a dozen complaints against him for police brutality.

Surprisingly, Derek has been left off the hook many times except the one time in 2011 when he was put in leave for the inappropriate shooting of an Alaskan native American, Leroy Martinez.

Below is the list which includes some facts about the incident that happened in Minneapolis.

1. Minneapolis Police Officer who murdered George Floyd on May 25, 2020

2. The restraint technique used by Chauvin to murder Floyd was not part of the department’s training’

3. Being represented by Tom Kelly, the same attorney who got officer Jeronimo Yanez (whomurdered Philando Castile) acquitted?

4. Derek Chauvin was put on leave in 2011 for an inappropriate police shooting of Alaskan Native American, Leroy Martinez

5. Chauvin shot Ira Latrell Toles, an unarmed black 21 year old man in 2008

6. Chauvin was one of the officers who murdered Wayne Reyes, a latino man with 16 bullets forced into him (a total of 42 rounds were shot off.)

7. Chauvin and another officer were chasing a car in 2005 causing the death of three people according to communities United Against Police Brutality

8. There are 12 Police brutality complaints against Chauvin in the Minneapolis Office of Police Conduct complaint database. They are all listed as “closed” non-public”, and “no discipline”


References to the claims in the list can be found in the lower part of the image printed in red ink.

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