Home Politics “Ignore Fake Photos of New Curriculum Being Circulated” – Dr. Prince Armah

“Ignore Fake Photos of New Curriculum Being Circulated” – Dr. Prince Armah

Dr. Prince Hamid Armah, the Executive Secretary of National Council for Curriculum and Assessment has called on the public to ignore fake pictures of the new GES curriculum being circulated on social media.


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In a Facebook post, Dr. Armah said nothing of the sort contained in the pictures on social media was in the new curriculum and that the religious stakeholders who were part of the assesers of the curriculum wouldn’t even have agreed had it indeed contained that.

Dr. Prince Armah directed all well meaning Ghanaians to head to the official website of the council to access the actual curriculum for themselves.

You deliberately go pick adult materials and throw them around as part of the KG-Primary curriculum….when you can just go online (www.nacca.gov.gh) pick the new curriculum to find out if they contain any such information, or even ask any of the 152,0000 teachers trained across the country whether they received any such trainings or materials to teach the kids. The teachers resource packs designed for teachers to teach the new curriculum, pending approval of textbooks do not contain CSE.


Certainly, the Catholic Bishops Council, the Christian Council and the Federation of Muslim Councils who are members of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) would never have approved a curriculum that undermines our cultural and societal values as Ghanaians.

As the head of the curriculum and assessment council of the Ministry Education, I say with authority that none of the materials being shared on the social media has been approved for use in schools, or does the curriculum for KG-Primary contains any such material ( one attached to this post). In plain language none of the 13 curriculum contains the CSE being deliberately imposed as part of the new standards-based curriculum.

In fact, there’s no single textbook or supplementary material approved for the new curriculum… authors are still submitting whilst our team of assessors are still assessing the materials received so far … any document not approved by NaCCA, by law, can never be used in any school in Ghana. The PPAG material being circulated has not passed our material assessment benchmark, if they are to find themselves in our schools. We, however, have no jurisdiction over community-based adult reproductive health education programmes which PPAG most focuses on.

Although many are genuinely concerned and justifiably so, a lot more are being mischievous and intellectual dishonest in an attempt to deliberately( or may be ignorantly) distort the hardwork of the distinguished Ghanaian men and women who designed the curriculum.

Let the genuine heart visit www.nacca.gov.gh to access and download the new curriculum.”


Source: Nsemwoha.com