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If you don’t see her as your wife, then why are you dating her? – Man quizzes

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A romantic relationship, is supposed to be a means to an end, marriage is that intended end, but sadly, most relationships never cross the bridge to become marriage.

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While a broken relationship offers some sort of closure for the former love birds, there are some relationships that are not broken but has virtually no aim because, mostly, the man doesn’t seem to want to settle with the woman, a situation that’s become a source of frustration for many ladies.

This has led a social media user, Edis, to quiz why such guys still go ahead dating a lady they perfectly know they will never make their wife.

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“If you don’t see your girl as a wife, then why are you dating her?” He tweeted.

Effectively, he advises that guys could spare ladies and indeed themselves a whole lot of headache and heartache if only they dated a lady because they saw her to be what they want in a wife, or when that feeling no longer exist, go ahead and be as honest as possible about it and end things so everyone can go on and explore new opportunities in love.

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