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If you don’t love yourself, you’ll be stuck chasing people who won’t love you either – Therapist says


Words by a therapist as recounted by her client has got many people thinking about what it means to love and be loved, which most often isn’t as straightforward as it may seem.

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Our love, we have always thought, is for others, especially people we care about and expect same in return when we give ours.

Unfortunately, sometimes some people are left disappointed because the love they give is never returned in like fashion while some are even outrightly rejected.

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But a tweep who goes by the twitter username @martial has shared words of advise given him by his therapist, which sheds more light on human to human interaction and how we get others to appreciate us more.

if you don’t love yourself, you’ll be stuck chasing people who won’t love you either “ @martial recounts were the exact words of the therapist. Such deep words, yet speaks to something obvious and part of human nature.

As humans, we are attracted to certainty and confidence. It is no brainer that a person who doesn’t know how much he or she is worth will be the one chasing for affection when it’s supposed to come naturally.

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Uncertainty coupled with lack of confidence breeds insecurity and leads to a need for acceptance, and with love being one of the purest forms of acceptance, such people are led by their insecurities to chase love, most often they end up looking desperate and scare people away from them.

The way forward for such a person is self love. It sends all the right signals and everyone just wants to add more. Besides one can only give what they have in abundance. So go ahead and show yourself some good loving. Show others what the stand to gain by choosing to share in your love.

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