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If you don’t come from a rich family then a rich family must come from you

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It is everybody’s wish to live a life in which they have the means to afford every need and want, have a nice house, attend the best schools and be able to afford same for their children.

But unfortunately, to a lot of people, many of the above mentioned are wishes and may forever remain so.

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This is because many of us are building life from scratch. No inheritance, no connections and no backups, just our effort and grace.

But a quote that I have come across, and I believe is both profound and axiomatic, simply throws a challenge to every single person, to ensure riches emanate from them, if they’re unlucky to come from a poor home.

It came from a tweep @toolzbabe who wrote: “If u don’t come from a rich family then a rich family must come from u.”

Tweet by @toolzbabe

While this may not be the easiest of tasks, we can be encouraged by the fact that it has always taken one person to change the fortunes of a family, and the challenge to be that one person must be accepted and every effort geared at achieving just that.

Where do you start

Don’t ask me, I’m not Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma or Mark Zuckerberg, but the above mentioned have one thing in common and that’s the first and most important clue.

The richest people in almost every society, started something. They opened businesses and grew from there. The bitter and bare fact is, nobody will ever become rich working for someone. It’s not feasible that an employee will become rich on a salary and you certainly can never become as rich or richer than your employer.

Be encouraged, many are on this path, and have worked hard and they have been able to change their destiny and that of their generations to come. They have also had a positive impact on their society. You may be next, but only if you accept the challenge.

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