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If you didn’t leave your poor parents, why leave your broke boyfriend? – Man quizzes

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The current phenomenon of ladies pursuing material things by dating rich men, with some even leaving their boyfriends just because he is broke, has led a netizen posing a serious question to such ladies.

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The Tweep with the twitter username @Ug_Chelsea in a Twitter post quizzed why these same ladies, most of whom come from poor homes, are able to stick to their parent, even though they’re unable to give them money.

He avers that if a lady can stay and not leave her poor parents, then it is unfair for such a lady to abandon her boyfriend on the basis that he is broke and doesn’t meet her material needs.

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Ladies, when your parents were not able to give you money… did you leave them like you are leaving the broke men?” he wrote

Replies to his question was representative of different opinions and we have gathered a few below:

@Skiesnation wrote: Parents are family bro…
Family always stays together through the tough and thin times…

@Donald Hanson wrote: Oh.. Please asks them o.. Cause I want to buy pad at my crush shop ????????????

@kfattie1 replied: we were related by blood????

@mimicentia replied: My sis said “all men are the same so why date a broke one? Why suffer? If they gon show u the same pain?” 

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