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“If that woman isn’t giving you peace of mind, let her go” – D-Black advises


There has been a surge in domestic violence in most married homes recently. This is partly blamed on the inability of couples to iron out their differences in an amicable manner.

Peace of mind has been sacrificed in most relationships lately. There are instances where a married couple will live under the same roof for months without communicating. This issue obviously has a negative effect on the lives of the couple and their children. It has the tendency of cutting one’s life short.

In the wake of the growing lack of peace in married homes, Ghanaian rapper, Desmond Blackmore otherwise known as D-Black has advised men to call it a quit with any lady who is not giving them peace in the home.

According to the rapper, we already live in a stressed up crazy world and adding another piece of stress in your life shouldn’t be an option. He tweeted; “If that woman ain’t your peace in this crazy world we in, let her go.”

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