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If she’s not a virgin, no wedding; Stop paying premium for what others got for free – Men told

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Opinions they say, are like noses, everybody has one and in our days of social media, many are not afraid to say what they think no matter how far fetched it may seem.

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Well, one such opinion has come from a Twitter user by name Siasemhene who opines that, only women with their virginity intact deserve the pump and pageantry of a wedding.

Justifying his point, Siasemhene explained that, it is unfair for one to pay a premium fee for something given to others practically for free.

His statement points to the fact that whoever broke the woman’s virginity but didn’t marry her, did so without having to spend as much as is spent on a wedding, he probably didn’t even pay anything.

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Traditionally, a lady with her virginity intact is deemed pride to her father, thus the need for whoever asks her hand in marriage to pay a bride price which is sometimes very expensive.

In some cultures, a woman deflowered before marriage is considered to have brought shame to the family and reduces the dowry parents could receive for her marriage.

“If she’s not a virgin, she doesn’t deserve a wedding. Men must stop paying premium for what others got for free…🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️” he wrote

Nsemwoha Editors Take

Absolute Balderdash!!..A woman’s worth is not in whether her hymen is intact or shattered, rather her personality and achievements in life.

Marriage is a choice that should not be defined by others but the two going on the journey of love. If a man has the means, why not spend one the one true love of their life on that special day.

I may disagree with his comment but, I understand that in some cultural settings this is however the case and as the saying goes, we’re bound by what we accept. With that said, boundaries can always be broken.

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