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If a girl steals your man, the best revenge is to let him go, real men can’t be stolen – Man says

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We live in a world where many have little regard for the feelings of others has resulted in taking actions without recourse to the feelings of the people we deliberately or inadvertently hurt.

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The situation is more precarious in relationships where cheating and Snatching of has become the order of the day.

People cheat on those they vow to love and married and engaged men are snatched by girls everytime, situations which usually leave the other emotionally bruised.

But a man has thrown more light on the advantages of losing a partner to another, and averse there could be cause for joy rather than the usual wallowing in tears and self pity.

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Taking to social media platform Facebook, Netizen Solomon Emmanuel said a real man is very to steal and that any man that’s that easy to steal, thus running away from all promises and vows is not worth the precious and often expensive tear of a woman.

He further explained that, the best revenge if a lady steals your man is to just let her keep him because he was a liability in the first place and eventually, the new lady would be given a dose of her own medicine.

If another woman steals your man, there’s no better revenge than letting her keep him, real men can’t be stolen”  he wrote.

Solomon Emmanuel’s Facebook post
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