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Identity of the Kumasi Lɛsbobos in video revealed

Early this week, a video that circulated on social media platforms showed two women in their mid 40s engaging in the abominable act of lesb0bo.

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The women, are already known to be residents of Kumasi, with one being a resident of Tafo and the other from Ashtown, both are suburbs in Kumasi.

New information nsemwoha.com has gathered identifies one the women as Esther, who , as the information indicates is a married woman with four kids.

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This new information supports the initial estimation of the ages of the women as being in their mid 40s.

It is unknown, however, how long the two have been involved in the act and the identity of the other woman is yet unknown.

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We are still following the incident and will update you as and when we get more information.

Identity of one of the women revealed

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