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“I was only gentle because I didn’t know Bobrisky was a man like myself” – Man narrates his story of the Traffic Scuffle with Bobrisky

Earlier nsemwoha.com reported that Nigerian trans socialite, Bobrisky was involved in a scuffle that occured while in traffic in Lagos, after the man scratched his Range Rover.

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The ensuing heat saw the man, break Bobrisky’s new iPhone 11 and further macho-ing ‘her’ up.

Nigerian Blogger Daddy Freeze have interviewed the man in question to bring to light his side of the issue. His availability though surprised many especially after Bobrisky posted on her gram page that the man was languishing in police cells.

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Well, narrating the story, the man said, after the light scratch in the traffic which resulted in a dent on his bumper and number plate but left little to no scratches, on Bobrisky’s car, he apologized upon seeing the damage was on his side and not hers. He claims Bobrisky became instantly aggressive and tried to enter his car.

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That was how the scuffle began. The rest was ugly, although the man spoke with some remorse, he said he was gentle in the beginning despite the aggressiveness of Bobrisky because he thought Bobrisky was a woman.


“…at first I thought she was a woman that’s why I was so diplomatic. I didn’t know the person I was dealing with was Bobrisky, a man like me…” he said.



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Man who hit Bob Risky’s car tell his story as I seek to make peace between them. – Full video at YouTube.com/daddyfreezeteaches

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