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Meet the coconut seller who makes more money than a bank Manager, owns a car and more (Video)


Growing up, we have been conditioned to think as Ghanaians that the best jobs are those in the offices where one is required to wear a strangling tie and an over size suit sitting behind a desk.

Well, the situation in the country has changed, less and less of these jobs are becoming available and thus the few ones have become unattractive due to the measly salaries paid out.

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One person though, who decided to take his fate into his own hands and make something out of life is coconut seller, Ebenezer.

Ebenezer sells coconut at St. John’s, very close to the Achimota Retail Center in Accra. Speaking to Kingsmotion TV, Ebenezer revealed more about how the selling of coconut transformed his life.

Ebenezer said on a slow day, he makes about GHC300 and GHC500 on a good day, that’s a whooping 4545% above the minimum wage of about GHC11 paid by some Ghanaian employers. When asked whether he will ever leave his coconut business to do some other ‘Dignifying’ job should the opportunity present itself, Ebenezer was firm in his answer, a resounding NEVER.

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According to Ebenezer, who is an SHS leaver, he has been able to build a life out of his coconut cutting business. He owns his own house and a vehicle for his business. He believes no other job would pay him that amount and even some bank managers don’t make that much.

Ebenezer however lamented the disdain some street hustlers are treated with especially from women. “They look down on us because they think we are nobody”, he said.

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The story of Ebenezer is an inspiration for the youth who are largely unemployed to look at avenues other than traditional suit and tie and blue collar jobs to make a meaningful living for themselves and their family. Coconut selling is just one of the numerous ways.

Writer: Joseph Naah-Yerreh
Video credit: Kingsmotiongh

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