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“I have died and resurrected twice” – Wendy Shay narrates her story (Video)

Ghanaian Songstress Wendy Addo who goes by the stage name Wendy Shay has narrated a horrible story of her, and some of the  things she has faced following her emergence in the Ghanaian music scene.

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Wendy Shay who was speaking to Ghanaian celebrity blogger Zionfelix narrated how she died twice and resurrected.

Narrating her first experience, she said she was walking her dog with her house help one morning. She says she all of a sudden had a temperature rise and felt like her heart was being pulled out of her body, before she knew it  she passed out.

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Continuing the story, she said she literally died and the only words she murmured out as she was about to pass out to her scared and disoriented house help was that she should call her mother, Bullet, her Manager and her pastors.

She says she ended up in the hospital but doctors said there was nothing wrong with her.

In her second experience, Wendy said it happened in Germany and it was same as the earlier incident.

Watch the interview below (Skip to 40:00) for the part