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‘I didn’t hold a meeting in Forest as purported’ – Mahama clears air on picture


John Mahama has come out to clear the air on a picture that is making rounds on social media purporting to be a meeting held by NDC officials in a forest due to fears of being recorded.

He took to Facebook to state clearly that the said picture (See below) was rather taken at the rear side of Gbevlo Lartey’s house at Lipke when he (Mahama) attended the funeral of Mr. Gbevlo’s late father.

Mr. Mahama wrote: “Sometimes the most strange things capture so much attention on social media!

I have been bombarded with inquiries about the attached photo. This is the rear of Gbevlo Lartey’s House at Likpe. This photo was taken when I attended his father’s funeral to condole with him. I was impressed myself with the well preserved rainforest environment.”

Source: nsemwoha.com

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