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Hypocrites let Mmebusem be, Jesus is mocked in the church every day – Dada Joe

Blogger Joseph Naah-Yerreh popularly known as Dada Joe, has hit out at those who are constantly bashing actor Mmebusem for his comic series in which he portrays himself as the Black Jesus.

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Responding to the latest attack on Mmebusem by socialite Jocelyn Dumas and Pastor Brian Amoateng, Dada Joe said Jesus is mocked every day by so called Christians and men of God even in the church.

Here’s to those so called Christian’s and men of God who keep bashing Mmebusem, Judgement will start from the church where I know for sure the name of Jesus is mocked everyday by these same hypocrites.

In the name of Jesus the church now issues lotto numbers, men of God have become con artists, duping people and professing what Jesus has not told them and claiming titles they don’t qualify for.

The church has become a comedy stage itself, where prophets and pastors are the comedians entertaining the church instead of guiding them to become better people. God is watching all you hypocrites on 3D screen and laughing” He wrote in an Instagram post.

About Mmebusem and Black Jesus

Mmebusem first appeared as the Black Jesus on UTV’s show titled ‘Boys Abre’ and which became an instant hit on social media. People loved how he articulated bible verses and changed names of places in the bible to suburbs in the capital Accra and his sarcastic replies.

He later started his own skits for his YouTube and social media channels after a row with the producer of Boys Abre, Salinko.