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Quayson Writes : Humility Is The Key To Any Successful Relationship


Everybody is loveable if you ask me, it’s just that some people’s attitude makes them unloved and unattractive anymore. There are people I once admired from a distance and then we started talking and I realised that you cannot fall for an image. An image is very deceptive.

Usually people will post all nicely edited pictures on Facebook and use it for their WhatsApp DPs but just get close to them and you will hate the experience. Please if you have had several broken relationships, just be humble enough and check your attitude. If it’s not good just change it and if people have complained about it to you just don’t take offense but change it.

Attitude is blocking alot of people from having lasting relationships and marriages and they blame it all on witches. Some ladies just don’t know how to talk, they are not polite, very raw and too uncultured. Others also come out to challenge and talk back harshly against men.

Certainly no man wants to marry another man or someone who challenges his authority. The men will just pretend as if they love you and enjoy all your benefits but when it’s time for marriage we will turn to the meek and humble ones. A lady must be humble, respectful, well cultured and submissive to her man.

You see that your too much civilisation and I know my right has kept you single up till today and you keep jumping from one Prophet to another. Some of them end up even sleeping with you too. Culture and religion are the right standards for marriage not education and civilisation. No matter how educated or civilised you are you cannot pass the test of marriage if you don’t give way to culture and religion.

Culture and religion remains the perfect blueprint for marriage in this world. We can see how education and civilisation has caused so many broken homes because they teach you all about them feminism and what man can do woman can do mantra etc and then you hit back to buttom rock.

Culture and religion teaches you the right rudiments of marriage which is service, trust, submission, humility, love and oneness. Some people are too educated and too civilised to be married but you cannot use a human institution (education and civilisation) to perfect a godly institution (marriage). Humility is the key to a successful marriage and relationship. The men are not left out of this either.

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