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How to start a blog with Cheap Domain Registration and Hosting


Blogging has become a hot venture not only because information is disseminated faster this way but because it has provided an avenue for ingenuity and talents to be shown, and the good part is you make decent money for it.

People new to blogging are always at a loss where to begin. Don’t worry, It was same with me when I the idea occured to me to get a place to share information and give people a platform to air their views without the limitations and red tape traditional media houses face.


But three years down the line I’m best placed to make your journey so much easier. So Without much ado, I will get straight to the point.

There are four main steps you need to do in order to start a blog. If you follow this guide exactly, you’ll have your own blog set up in 30 minutes or less.

1. Choose a great blog platform
There are 3 platforms I’d recommend for you, WordPress, Blogger or CMS.

i). I Recommend WordPress: it hosts over 48% of the worlds websites. It is simple to use with one click install and tonnes of plugins for basically any function you will ever need.

ii). Blogger – Probably the next best to WordPress.

iii). CMS – This involves building your website from scratch. You will need a professional website building with knowledge in php coding.


2. Choose a web host for your blog.
After deciding which platform to build your blog on, the next big decision is to choose which web hosting platform to use. Since you’re starting I believe you want to start your blog with Cheap Domain Registration and Hosting.

There are numerous web host companies with different offers including free domain name registration

i). Recommended: Bluehost Web Hosting is arguably the most popular hosting platform. Offers amazing discounts on their plans. Bluehost offers free Domain registration on each of their plans with one year or more hosting purchase. 24/7 customer service.

Discounted Bluehost Plans here

ii)Nakroteck Hosting – This company is the backbone of many Ghanaian websites. It makes use of the Plesk platform to deliver cheap hosting plans that any pocket can afford. With as low as $2/month(GHC 11), you can host your blog with decent speed and it promises up to 99.99% uptime. It also offers free domain name registration for one year or more hosting purchase on all their plans.

Here are the Nakroteck Plans

3. How to Set up a blog on your own domain: Setting up you domain is quite easy if you chose the to use WordPress to build you blog.

i). Purchase your hosting plan from either Bluehost or Nakroteck as described
ii). Login to your hosting account
iii). Do a one click install of wordpress on the domain me associated with the hosting account.

4. Design your new blog
Wordpress websites use Themes for design. They’re easy to install and quick to setup

i). You can buy a premium theme befitting your blog purpose from Themeforest.com, the largest repository of wordpress themes.

ii). Upload the theme to your wordpress website and you are good to go.