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How Ghanaians killed English: Here are some popular phrases you’ve been saying wrong

Ghanaian teacher teaches pupils in classroom

To begin with, English is not our mother tongue so no one is faulting our forebears and us for getting some of these phrases wrong, or let’s just put it, nearly right.

The fact is our forefathers, who back in the days dealt with the English speaking whites had to be sharp in order to communicate with them since it was a foreign language.

They learned the language by ear and tried to regurgitate as accurately as they could and that gave rise to the inaccuracies we have found today.

Unfortunately, some of us have been using same in our daily communication, even some educated folk use it because they heard their parents or uncles say them and it stuck with them.

Nsemwoha.com is therefore bringing you a list of these phrases as is said and their correct versions so we can correct ourselves and pass on the right English to posterity.

Below are the Right phrase/word and How it said wrongly

All Say Yeah – Oseeyeee

Bloody fool – Blede fool

Land poll – Lampoo

Town Council – Tankass

Camp Boot – Cambuu

Vulcanizer – Boganaza

Screw Driver – School driver

Cheer the boy – chooboi

Clever Bully – Kalabule

Gang Leader – Gangalea

Surveyor – Sofia

Assorted – Asortooo

Dancing Crown – Dansikran

Traffic indicator – Trafigata

A cheek of it – Enchekobis

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