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“How does the poor people in Ghana survive when the country is been lockdown” – Efia Odo quizzes

Actress and socialite Efia Odo has disagreed with Ghanaians who want Ghana to be lockdown due to the outbreak of the corona Virus.

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According to her, locking down the country will not be the best solution to the outbreak of the deadly disease.

Some Ghanaians are demanding the government to lockdown Ghana in order to control the outbreak of the covid-19 but a lot of things has to be considered before lockingdown the country.

Efia Odo stated that, how does the poor and low income citizens are going to survive when Nana Addo finally lockdown the country.

She added that, the country can’t be locked down until the citizens are well prepared.

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She took to her Twitter page and wrote

“With a lockdown coming to existence how will the very low income people survive, Hawkers etc. People can barely survive on their wages now and they need to prepare for a lockdown? God bless my hands so I can bless others.”