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Hon. Bagbin must resign as MP for Nadowli-Kaleo constituency – Youth Group demands


Hon. ASK Bagbin is under pressure from the youth of his constituency to step down as Member of parliament for the Nadowli-kaleo constituency over allegations of incompetence and neglect of duties as MP as he pursues his presidential ambitions.

A statement released by the convener of the group Mr. Peter Nanzonige read:

The mark of every good leader is seen on the impact he makes on the lives of his subjects. An effective leader can in one year transform the lives of his constituents. That cannot be said of the Member of Parliament for Nadowli Kaleo Constituency, Hon. Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin.
Aside his abysmal failure as a Member of Parliament for the Nadowli Kaleo Constituency, he has also put his job as the people’s representative in barter for a presidential ambition that will surely come to no fruition. Without a shred of doubt it is fair to estimate that NKC has had no voice for so long a time as we are yet to hear his voice in the house of law articulating the concerns of his constituents.

Problems in the Nadowli Kaleo Constituency so much of which are his creation for a failed leadership and a quarter of which his disappointing stewardship hasn’t been able to be addressed for over 26 years in parliament. But instead of concentrating on that, he is moving around the country in self deceit of a Presidential ambition.

Only a quarter of Nadowli Kaleo Constituents can boast of access to electricity. Many communities in the Nadowli Kaleo constituency do not have access to electricity. For instance, Nator, Gyilli, Nanvilli, the whole of Charikpong, charisombo, Kaabogu, Kuuri, Kantaali etc do not have access to electricity. In Nadowli township, which is also the district capital, only houses/ structures adjacent the road are the beneficiary of electricity . Neither the interior parts nor the hinterland are connected and only the current government is now taking steps to extend electricity to these areas. This situation is applicable to areas like Goli, Serekpere, Takpo, Kaleo, Jang, Dapuori, Kalsegra, Tangasia, Sombo etc.

Roads in the constituency are worst of. Nadowli Kaleo Constituency has the worse of deplorable roads. The western part of the constituency is the worse affected. That includes the Charikpong stretch to Nanvilli to Takpo and Nator. The charisombo bridge has been a canker since time immemorial but Hon. Bagbin doesn’t care about it.

The question we want to ask and I believe it is in minds of many constituents, is, what has Hon. Bagbin done with his MP share of the common fund? Absolutely nothing to show for. Thus far he has used his Common Fund to invest in himself and accumulated some of it to finance his presidential ambition. That leaves Nadowli Kaleo Constituency worse off with skyrocketing poverty and absence of modern infrastructure

The very respected Hon. MP and second deputy speaker of parliament will have nothing show for in the health sector delivery. The people of Nadowli Kaleo Constituency are bedevilled with numerous health challenges. The Member of Parliament cannot boast of any single good health facility to his credit in the constituency. He claims to have started polyclinic in Charikpong but over eight years now, the said facility cannot be completed.This facility has become a white elephant in the community. The sad thing is that that white elephant polyclinic is rotting away. The Nadowli District Hospital is facing a lot of challenges despite the fact we have an MP who became a minister of health during Prof. Evans Atta Mills’ regime. This was a glorious opportunity for him to have helped his constituents but it was wasted opportunity. In 2012, Hon. Bagbin came and deceived the people of Nadowli Kaleo that he was going to establish a Nursing Training College in the constituency. This was a clear deception since he has no clue of establishing even a secondary school not to talk of Health Training School. This man has no credibility to tell us he wants to contest the presidency in this country. If Hon. ASK Bagbin has nothing to show for managing a constituency for 26 years, it’s ridiculous how he thinks anybody should entrust a whole country under his trust.

In the area of human resources development, Hon. Bagbin cannot mention one person he has empowered in all these years as an MP for Nadowli Kaleo Constituency. He is often been threatened by the success of his followers and do all he can to cripple their businesses and various endeavours. He uses people and just dump them to suffer their fate. He is not a man that can be trusted.

We are therefore by this release calling on him to resign as member of parliament for Nadowli Kaleo constituency and concentrate on his anticipated failed Presidential ambition. This is because his performance for the over 26 years is nothing to write home about. Hon. Bagbin’s performance is abysmal and has stagnated the development of the constituency for this number of years. We the youth of Nadowli Kaleo constituency are therefore demanding his immediate resignation to enable someone more capable to represent us in the house of laws because of lack of accountability and transparency in the disbursement of the common fund. Even first term MPs have performed better than Hon. ASK Bagbin. It will be better for him to resign to enable him focus on presidential candidature ambition. We wish him well.
Thanks for your time.

Long live Nadowli Kaleo Constituency.

Long live Ghana our mother land

Peter Nanzonige 0245355585

Source: nsemwoha.com

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