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Holding a ceremony in honor of George Floyd in Ghana was the right thing to do – Gary Al-Smith explains


Ghanaian journalist Gary Al-Smith, has explained why the decision to hold a service in honor of the late Goerge Floyd in the country today was the right decision.

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Despite the palpable backlash the decision has received, Gary who is a journalist with the Multimedia group has opined that Ghana, having placed itself, since the days of Nkrumah as the home of Panafricanism, even recently calling on Africans in the diaspora to return in the highly successful year of return, needed to stand with our brothers and sisters in the United States.

He added that the move would ensure that the African diaspora feel welcomed and assured that the country that keeps calling on them to come spend their dollars here, understands their pain and will join in their battles for justice.

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Gary who acknowledged the validity of the points raised against the move wrote;

If Ghana wants to be seen as a leader in asking blacks in the diaspora to ‘return home’, then it’s equally vital for us to identify with their struggles. We can’t only ask them to come and spend their dollars here. If they are not feeling secure in their homeland, how can they make money and come spend here?”

Read his full post on Facebook below

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