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Having side chicks is part of the reason most men don’t progress – Lady says

A lady has taken to social media to share her opinion on men having side chicks and the consequences it has on their financial growth.

The lady who is identified as Vera Sammy Weyi stated that, a man who is fond of playing in multiple relationships is likely not to breakthrough financially in life.

According to Vera, having one woman is already a job on its own and when you have more than one, then you are simply digging your financial grave.

She explained that, side chicks are very demanding and a man can’t have a sound mind dealing with more of them. He advised men to stop spending money on women who are not married to them.

She wrote: “Having sidechicks is part of the reason most men don’t progress. The minute they make a little bit of money, they share it with 5 other women besides their wife or partner. If you love and women, you’ll never be richer brother, you could be making money and having potential to become a billionaire, but you’ll be using the money to satisfy the chicks instead growing further. That’s why some men even end up stealing. The demands of the chicks are very high. Satisfying 1 woman is a job on its own, what about 10 that you’re not Even married too.”

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