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Hardwork has never made anyone rich. Concentrate on working smart


I think one of the most profound quotes I have ever come across is ” Hardwork has not made anyone rich, concentrate on working smart“.

Very often you hear stories of people who made it from humble beginnings working their self off to become what they are today.

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The truth is, most often none of these people are the muscles behind their success and riches but the brains.

They own business and have others working to make them money. They’re not the workhorses, others are doing the manual work and they just enjoy the proceeds.

Don Marquis couldn’t have said it any better when he said: “When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work, ask him: ‘Whose?

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Looking at work from a dispassionate approach, it is basically an exchange of time, strength, knowledge and skill for money that can only make you survive the month. That is why people live from salary to salary.

With that said, if money were made according to the effort of the input or how manually hard the work is, then people like masons, scrap dealers, labourers, farmers etc should be the richest people in every society, but obviously, that is not the case.

Infact they’re the Lowest paid workers.

Upon further analysis, it becomes clear that if one wants to become truly rich, I mean riches that can be bequeathed to posterity, the first step is not about finding work, but starting a business.

Of course not all businesses succeed but it is the surest way to start the journey to financial freedom and possibly, riches.

Hardwork makes others rich, smart work makes you rich. And the smartest work is to have your own business.

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