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Government Or No Government, You Have No Right Over People’s Freedom

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The NPP government must understand they cannot suppress press freedom in this country. No government has the power and the audacity to prevent people from speaking their minds against the bad policies of government that is affecting the life of the people negatively.

You have the nod for governance, just concentrate on your job and leave the press alone to do their job too. It is Ghanaians that will decide whether you still deserve to be in power or to be removed. Nobody can intimidate anyone in this country because Ghana belongs to all of us and not the president and his family or the NPP Government for that matter.

We are all Ghanaians and have just one vote. No one is superior to anybody in this country or has power over anyone. Kelvin Taylor and his wife should be left alone. Petitioning New York Times where his wife works asking them to disassociate themselves with loud silence is completely unnecessary and shows how scared or desperate the government is over it’s bad policies not helping Ghanaians.

It’s no secret that Ghana is suffering under NPP government led by Akuffo-Addo so we must talk about it. You have collapsed banks and Menzgold and introduced so many policies that it’s effects can best be measured if the standard of living of the people have improved or not but it is very obvious the people are not feeling this government and you want to suppress the medium by which the people can best be informed which is the media.

I tell government straight to the face that their approach of autocracy and brutalising people will not work. The best they can do is to kill us but even that God will also kill all of them too because no one will remain stones on this Earth.

You do good we talk about it and if you do evil we will say same. Nobody has power or authority over anybody’s freedom in this country if you are not being lawless. If you will kill somebody over a country that does not belong to your father but all of us and you want to suppress people in the land, then stand well because you are declaring war against the heavens and Ghana is a chosen nation for God and it’s people belong to God and absolutely no one can suppress anybody in this country whether NPP or NDC, Akuffo-Addo or Mahama, we fear none of them because they breath and are human beings like us.

We only respect them but we don’t fear them. All the security agencies we only respect them but we don’t fear them because we have done no wrong. We didn’t ask God to make us Ghanaians and absolutely nobody can use government machinery to intimidate anybody or deny anybody anything in this country else what will happen will not be good for us all.

Let’s nurture and protect the peace God has given us in this country by allowing everybody their freedom. Don’t defend the indefensible when you have erred and let the people know you are fallible. Don’t rule the land with lies and cover ups and send your nasty dogs to do your dirty work for you because you are in power.

Today where is the Adolf Hitlers and Starlins who sought to destroy mankind, they are dead and buried and so will happen to any government that is wicked to the people because the people cry to God over their sufferings. You can’t tell them not to speak and just watch you steal and give all the fat positions to your family and friends. Who made you Lord over us if not voters or even election rigging, who knows?

We need our peace as a country to operate. The farmer needs peace, the market woman needs peace, the porter needs peace, the lawyer and doctor needs peace, the driver and mate needs peace, the judge and the policeman needs peace, everybody needs peace in this country and it does not come by suppression and lies. You can fool some people sometimes, some people all the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

All you corrupt people in government, you will not concentrate and steal your evil corrupt taxpayers monies but you also want to intimidate the people in the land? It won’t happen. Some of us don’t want no share of that corruption but we need our peace as Ghanaians and we must be allowed to speak our minds. You cannot take that away from us. Who the hell are you to even dare that? Whether government or no government you have no right over somebody’s freedom.

Quayson The Writer

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