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Quayson Writes : God Use My Life To Shame The Devil


God use my life to shame the devil is one prayer that every child of God must pray. You must understand that God is a glorious God and all his followers carry his glory. The devil who was once an archangel in heaven carried the glory of God but because of pride he fell from heaven and lost his glory. Now the opposite of glory is shame. Anybody who follows Satan does not carry glory, what the world calls glory today is infact not glory but shame because the devil has fallen from his glory. That is why I keep on saying that the world is twisted right now, everything has been turned upside down. Those who carry the glory of God in this world are rather seen to carry shame and those who carry shame are rather seen to carry glory.

The devil can never give you glory in life. If God should open your eyes to see those we glorify on earth spiritually, you will cry for them instead of admiring them. There are alot of people who are rather walking useless and aimless rather in life, they are the people who actually carry the glory of God. We don’t live by the standards of the world with all the cars, mansions etc but we live according to heavenly standards. I am not saying those things are not good but those things don’t carry the glory of God so open your eyes and seek real glory which is in Christ Jesus.

The devil is in his shame state right now and wants all the followers of Jesus Christ to also be in that same state. Therefore as a Christian you must not cease to pray this prayer of God use my life to shame the devil. The devil tried to shame Jesus by subjecting him to all sorts of humiliation on the cross. In Israel by then it was the most shameful death that could be pronounced on a human being. Jesus could have had sword thrust in him or his head cut off or died like any of the Apostles did but he was subjected to the most disgraceful and shameful death which was being hanged on the cross.

On the way to the cross soldiers cast lots on his vesture, people spat on him and slapped him on the way and was made to carry the cross. He was riducled by many on his way to the cross. His hands and his feet were nailed to the cross and he had his ribs pierced with a spear. Jesus the son of God had to endure all this so that you and I can have the glory of God. Never settle for anything less in Jesus Christ because he has paid your debt on the cross. He took away all your shame, disgrace, curses, everything and nailed it on the cross so that you and I can have a fulfilling life. The only thing you need to do is to give your life to Jesus, confess your sins before him no matter how grievous it is and invite him into your life as your personal saviour and see how God will turn everything in your life for his glory.

Initially you go through some difficulty but be stedfast in the Lord and he will give you the crown of glory. If you are the type that don’t want to suffer for a while then Christianity is not for you. In Christianity you must suffer a while. All the pastors and messages that promise you a smooth road in Christ Jesus is a lie. You must suffer as a Christian before the full glory of God will come upon you. Remember, our ultimate goal is to make it to heaven and not to gain earthly materials. Earthly possessions only come in as a bonus after you have searched and found the kingdom of God (Mathew 6:33). The Kingdom of God is the first requirement to have anything you want in life so when I see people who are not born again but are rich I somewhat have my doubts about the source of wealth. I am not saying sinners or worldly people cannot be rich, they can but all I am saying is the right and legitimate way to have wealth in when your faith is found in God. The Bible says that the blessings of God, he maketh rich and adds no sorrows. It means that there are people who are rich but have enormous sorrows attached to it, that means that the wealth did not come from God. For you to be truly rich and happy in life, you need to seek after God.

Asking God to use your life to shame the devil means that he should turn the perception of people about you into a lie or a mistake. There are many people that Satan has accused wrongly and kept in a cage that they are not able to shine on earth in everything that they do. In this prayer, you are asking God that please whatever lie or evil perception that people have about me that is not making my life to move forward or to become somebody, Lord turn it around to become your glory. Let people see me so that what they thought of me or the lies that were concorted about me, they will find out that it wasn’t true. Satan tries to raise his agents to give bad accounts or witness about the children of God. He did the same thing to Jesus and Stephen in the Bible, false witnesses were raised against them to discredit their lives which led to their death. The reason Satan will raise false witnesses against you is to bring you down in life and to cause your death but your refuge is Jesus. The Bible says Jesus came to destroy ALL the works of the devil so the master destroyer is not Satan but the devil. Jesus has the power to destroy every work of the devil in your life so far. It doesn’t matter how far Satan has gone to destroy things in your life, Jesus is capable of destroying everything Satan has done to your life.

Asking God to use your life to shame the devil means you asking God to restore everything that Satan has taken away from your life or destroyed in your life. Some have their houses, marriages, cars, businesses, friends and families, contracts, monies, positions etc taken away from them by the devil, now the way to take back what belongs to you is to ask God to use your life to shame Satan. Ask God to intervene and take back what belongs to you. He said in his word that I would restore the years that the locust, caterpillars and palmer worms have eaten in your life. At a point David realised that alot has been taken from him by Satan and he went to God and cried to him to restore all his possessions. In Psalm 23 after God had restored him you could hear him say, “he restoreth my soul”. Your soul contains all your life and if the enemy manages to take your soul, he has succeeded in taken everything that God has for you so when David realised that Satan has stolen so much from him including his soul, he cried to God and restored it for him. Now David did not end there when his soul was restored, he dwelt in the house of God. David said I will dwell in the house of God all the days of my life. The way to have God restore all your possessions including your soul is to dwell in his house. In his house there is fullness of joy and blessings so when you pray this prayer, learn to dwell in the house of God too.

Asking God to use your life to shame your enemies means you are asking God for his peace. Peace is a priceless comodity on earth and in heaven. Without peace in your life you cannot do anything. Without peace in your marriage, career, family, children, business, community, country nothing can be achieved. Without peace in the church the church cannot move forward. Without peace nothing can be achieved on earth therefore peace is very paramount. Asking God to use your life to shame the devil is a cry for peace for you to prosper and progress in life. Peace of mind brings about two main things which is prosperity and progress. So we have peace, prosperity and progress, the tripple ‘Pees’. You need peace in your life today and the way to have it is God. God can give you peace and so much serenity around you it might seem you are in heaven already.One thing Jesus left for his disciples before departing the earth was peace first before he sent the holy ghost to them. He said peace I leave unto you not the peace that the world gives. So there is the peace the world gives and there is a peace God gives. You need the peace of God today in your life to prosper and the way is God. I see many people in the world trying to have peace with music, entertainment etc but they can never have peace. To obtain peace in your life is to be connected to Jesus Christ.

There is more to be said on this topic but suffice this for now. From today I pray for you dear reader that God will use your life to shame all your enemies and whatever they have planned or said about you, may it be foiled in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

God bless you as you read in Jesus name. Amen


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