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“Go out there and play shows if you think you are big” – Kelvynboy to Ghanaian musicians (video)

Former Bhim Nation signee Kelvynboy has threw jabs at Ghanaian musicians who feels they are the boss of Ghanaian music.

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In the video he posted on his Instagram page he was calling all Ghanaians to come together and stay safe.

According to him, this corona Virus pandemic era is the time all Ghanaians must come together especially the musician who has gotten beef with their colleagues.

In the video he was spotted blasting all the artist who feels they are the first class musician in Ghana.

He stated that, any artist who feels he’s bigger than his fellow artists should organize a show to testify that he’s now big as he always claim.

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“I hope say you dey stay safe, I hope say everything dey alright. Charley this be the time wey we for come together all the artist, those wey dey think say dey dey feel big, them say Ibe them be bigger artist then things no ibe now wey you got show say you be big artist.” he said.