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Giving ‘God’ Money And Expecting Many Fold Return Is Greed And Not Different From Menzgold – Amarteifio

An artist named Amarkine Amarteifio, has argued that the act of giving money in church and expecting a ‘double fold’ from God is borne out of greed.

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Amartefio in his article titled ‘Menzgold and Menzgod’ juxtaposed the menzgold situation which many Ghanaians, Christians alike have called depositors, greedy, to the everyday occurence in churches where men of God ask members to ‘sow seed’ so they can receive double or more returns from God in monetary blessings or alike.

He adjudged the two aren’t any different and that it is surprising that Ghanaians haven’t condemned these men of God as much as they have Nana Appiah Mensah NAM1, CEO of Menzgold.

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I am not surprised many have yet to see the parallels in both schemes. You are told to deposit money with Menzgold and get double or more returns.

The pastors who work for Menzgod tell you to sow a seed to God and get double or a hundred fold blessings. Which greedy person wouldn’t fall for this lure? I have heard speculations that even some banks and some of their staff withdrew monies to invest in this juicy scheme.

Both open branches in all major towns and cities and make a lot of money and live large on your hard earned monies. Both have huge mansions and hobnob with celebrities and politicians to show off their social clout. Both go about with body guards.

Both are literally inaccessible and hard to see by their ordinary followers or customers. Both engage in elaborate social spectacles to induce faith and enchant our minds and hearts. Both have or aim to have private jets.

Both have a large following whose desperation and greed and folly blind them to reasoning and caution. Those who sound the alarm bells to warn society about their pernicious activities are branded and vilified.

Both have powerful people behind them. In the case of religion, they have and often cite and invoke ancient but powerful Jewish names from the Bible as authorities to support their claims or activities.

Additionally, poor God and his innocent son are often dragged into this scheme when they are sitting quietly in “their somewhere” in the iCloud.” he wrote. Find the full article by Mr. Amartefio here

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