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Girls looking for Godfearing men are funny, the ones remaining now, even God fears them – Lady says

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A lady has advised her fellow girls to move on from the old goal of looking for a man who is Godfearing to date and tie the the knot with.

The lady identified as Miss Ajay, in a twiiter post, claimed ladies who still wait around in the hope of landing a Godfearing man in this day and age are outrightly funny.

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Explaining her point, she claimed that, in light of the behaviour exhibited by men of nowadays, especially how they keep multiple partners and change women like diapers, even the almighty has cause to to fear them.

“Those girls waiting for God fearing men are just funny. You see the men remaining now, even God fears them”.


While her statement might be skewed toward the lighter side of things, lessons abound in it that are practical.

It is no secret that the days of our forebears are gone. More and more people are non religious and it’s okay, unlike back in the day one would be seen as the devil for being a non-believer.

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But such changes have meant a depletion of the moral values promoted by the various religious bodies and therefore more and more people are getting used and abused.

Heck, Even religious folks nowadays are pretentious. Also a guy doesn’t mind pretending to be God’s first son just to get you to give in.

So with this in mind, knowing the possibility of being taken advantage of, ladies can approach relationships from a different perspective other than religion, and make mutual understanding take precedence over religious beliefs.

Although nothing is guaranteed, at least one doesn’t have to wait for something that’s never coming.

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