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Ghanaian workers earn just 3.53% of the minimum wage earned in the USA.


Its been 60 years after the sub Saharan country gained independence from its colonial master, Britain. Many would expect that after such a long time of being at the helm of its own affairs, Ghana would have seen development and a better standard of living as compared to its southeastern Asia counterparts notably Malaysia who also gained independence just about the time Ghana had its own.

But Such has not been the case, decades of corrupt leadership has led to countless instances of economic mismanagement and have left the country stunted and deep in debt. A comparison of the minimum wage of Ghana to that of Malaysia and USA showed a staggering revelation of the economic gap between workers of the these countries which also gives an indication of the gap in the standard and quality of life in Ghana as compared to these two nations.

The current USA Federal minimum wage stands at $7.25 per hour while that of Ghana is a measly GHC 8.80 per 8 hour working day. This means per the 27 days wages required by legislation to be paid as a monthly salary, a Ghanaian worker taking the minimum wage will make GHC 237.6 per month while a minimum wage worker in the USA receives GHC 6733.8 per month(exch. rate of 1$ – GHC4.30).

In percentage terms the least paid Ghanaian worker takes home just 3.53% of that of the least paid USA worker. Fact still remains that most of the US states has minimum wages way above that of the Federal minimum.

Again, the minimum wage of Malaysia is Myr 1000/month which is GHC 1,010 (exch. Rate of 1Myr-GHC 1.01) while that of Ghana stands at GHC 237.6 which is 23.52% of the Malaysian monthly minimum.

In conclusion, Ghana is a blessed country, with every resource it requires to ensure its citizens enjoy a better wage which will translate into better standards of living and an improved quality of life. It’s high time legislators took a look at the daily minimum wage which is unfair and disadvantages the Ghanaian worker. An hourly wage system must replace the daily wage system. This will also put workers in a position to challenge employers who take advantage of the daily wage system to make its workers work extra hours for same wage with no over time payments.


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