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Ghanaian couple have stress-free wedding with less than GHC100 [Photos]

The cost of weddings in Ghana has skyrocketed and the ceremony have become a competition of whose was the most lavish and this leave most couples with a huge debt after the wedding.

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But a Ghanaian couple have wedded with much simplicity and what’s more, they spent less than Gh100 on their wedding.

The wedding was just 30mins long, had no rehearsals, no makeup and with just 2 guests who were there as witnesses..

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The lady, Dr Gigi and her new found husband seemed so replete with the ceremony that most would describe as too simple for people of their calibre.

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But, to think that a couple recently took their own lives few months into their marriage because of debt from their wedding, makes Dr. Gigi and husband’s move a laudable one, after all the actual marriage lie beyond the wedding.


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