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“Ghana is Endowed with Corrupt Politicians and Timid Youth ” – Fans Of A Plus Tells the Ghanaian Story


Vociferous Musician, Politician and Leader of The Peoples Project (TPP), Kwame A Plus asked his followers on Facebook to help him write the Ghanaian story.

The responses were perhaps not what he expected as most respondents wrote about the many ills of our socio-political system especially the corruption and lack of leadership.

A Plus himself started the story with a preamble which read: “Ghana formerly known as the Gold Coast is a country in west Africa. It was the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence.”

Ghana is rich in cocoa, gold, oil timber manganese, bauxite, natural gases diamond and many more.…”

The story which caught the most attention and summed up the reasons why Ghana’s development has been stifled since independence came from Alfred Akoka who wrote:

Sometimes referred to as the “Star of Africa”, Ghana is well endowed with everything under the sun in gargantuan proportions. For instance, it is endowed with nail-bitting incompetent leaders, corrupt politicians and above all, timid youth who hardly question the status quo.

Ghana is endowed with corrupt politicians and timid youth
Comment by A Plus follower Afred Akoka

The other comments didn’t deviate much from Afred’s view. It is a clear indication of the feeling within the youth who feel their futures are being squandered day in day out by those who are supposed to safeguard it with the resources of the land.


Source: nsemwoha.com

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