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Gaddafi warned the World about lab viruses in 2009 but we refused to listen


Muammar Gaddafi may be dead and gone but as the saying goes, words live forever and it looks like we have to add prophet to his numerous titles.

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The world is currently faced with one of the most infectious diseases, the Coronavirus Disease of 2019 (Covid-19) with over 700,000 people infected worldwide, and it looks like the world may have missed a warning sign raised by Muammar Gaddafi in 2009.

Muammar Gaddafi, the slain former Libyan leader in his 2009 address to the UN General Assembly said he believed the H1N1 influenza which was the public health issue at the time was perhaps created in the lab and went out of control.

“..Perhaps influenza H1N1 was a virus created in a laboratory that got out of control, originally being meant as a military weapon….” were his exact words

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His words resonate with one dominant public opinion that’s gaining traction amid this Coronavirus pandemic, and that is, the novel Coronavirus may have been created in the lab, specifically, the The Wuhan institute of virology.

While there is no scientific evidence to support that claim, law suits have already been filed in the US against Chinese authorities for allegedly developing biological weapon in the form of the Coronavirus.

President Trump has already referred to the virus as the Chinese Virus. 

Maybe the world should have listened to Gaddafi and investigated further, but he was the villain and so instead, he was killed.

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