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Ga men are too stingy, they’ll chop you but barely give money – Pamela Watara claims (Video)

The Ghanaian actress and socialite who is gifted with big watermelons Pamela Watara has voiced out that Ga men are very stingy.

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According her, she has been in a relationship with numerous men especially Ga men and Ashanti men and to the best of her knowledge Ga men see themselves are bossy and they don’t want to spend their money on their girlfriends.

In a video, she told Fiifi Pratt that, she’s now dating an Ashanti man who’s treating her like a Queen.

She added that, the Ashanti men are far different from Ga men because Ashanti men will try his possible best to get you money even if he doesn’t have it.

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“Every girl likes money, me I don’t like Ga men, they are very stingy, they always want to prove they are wise but most are not smart” she said.