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Full Statement: NDC Youth Wing condemns Ghana Police over injunction on Demo against EC in Kumasi

The National Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress NDC, Mr. George Opare Addo has issued a statement condemning Ghana police service for going to court and succeeding at getting an injunction on their planned demonstration in Kumasi against the limited registration exercise by the Electoral commission which starts on 7th June.

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The Youth Wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) stands solidly behind it’s comrades in the Ashanti Region in registering it’s displeasure against the action of the Ghana Police Service to prevent its comrades from their constitutional right to demonstrate and picket as stated in the public order act.

The action of the Police is retrogressive, unconstitutional and smacks of a deliberate attempt to prevent us from registering our displeasure against the Electoral Commission.

It is within our right to demonstrate and any attempt, legal or arbitrary to suppress this right must not be countenanced by any institution, least of all, the very institution intended to uphold the law. We will resist this attempt to stifle our right to demand what is right by law and society.

In 2015, we were witnesses to the decision by the High Court to quash the ex parte motion granted the Ghana Police by the lower court to injunct the intended demonstration by pressure group, Let my Vote Count. The decision of the High Court was hinged on the fact that the lower courts; district and circuit do not have jurisdiction to rule on matters on the Public Order Act 1994, (Act 491).

The judgement of the High Court similar to this case questioned the authority of lower courts to grant an ex parte motion to injunct a public gathering even as all requirements have been fulfilled and due process followed.

Based on the judgement from 2015 in a suit filed by one Gifty Oware, we aver that precedence has been set and the police should be anything but optimistic that it will survive a second bout in the law court. Citizens have a right to picket and register their disquiet about happenings in the country no matter the institution or individuals involved.

The Electoral Commission may be right on it’s own to limit the registration of voters to the parameters it has set but when its modus operandi is in dissonance with what is right by law and the people, the masses must arise and demand what is right and acceptable by all. It is for this reason that the Youth Wing of the NDC believes the EC must be brought to order, not by lukewarm executive powers because they are in flirtation together but by the people it is mandated to serve.

The Police Service may have been granted an ‘injucntion’ to halt our intended picketing in the Ashanti Region but we are not giving up. As directed by the Ashanti Regional Secretariat of the party, every youth of the party must join the struggle to gather at the party’s regional office to press home the demand for a free, fair and just elections.

As granted by law, we will use all means legally possible to ensure the Electoral Commission does not proceed with it’s agenda to disenfranchise people for political purposes. We challenge the desperate measure of the Police Service and demand that they be professional and not succumb to political arm twisting in the discharge of their duties.

The Leadership of the Youth Wing is in total support of any action our comrades in the Ashanti Region take; we will not be cowered into submission whilst irregularities and acts of lawlessness are committed against the Ghanaian people. We will fight for every Ghanaian to be enfranchised as dictated by the Constitution.

George Opare Addo,

National Youth Organizer, NDC.


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