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Fuel price increment – Best and worst performers, from Rawlings to Nana Addo.

Fuel price is one of the major factors that the general public consider when assessing the economic performance of a government. Forget all the indicators that the bookworm economist tell you, if fuel price increase, it directly affects the price of almost every other commodity, raising the cost of living and exercebating the woes of an already impoverished population.

With this established, we compare the fuel price increments by successive governments and ranks them solely according to magnitude of increase.

1. Jerry John Rawlings (1992-2000)

A gallon of petrol as at December 2000 was GHC 0.60 (60 pesewas).

2. John Agyekum Kuffour (Jan 2001-2008)

As at December 2008, a gallon of petrol cost GHC 9.50. Which is an increament of GHC 8.90 in eight years.

3. Attah Mills/Mahama (Jan 2009-2012)

GHC 11.0 per gallon as at december 2012 representing a change of GHC1.50 in four years

4. John Dramani Mahama (Jan 2012-2016)

Petrol price increased from GHC 11 to GHC 14, an increase of GHC 3 in four years.

5. Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo (Jan 2017-Present)

From January 2017, petrol price has increased from GHc 14 to GHC 24. That’s a change of GHC 10 in just under 2 years.

Comparatively, the current government is goofing when it comes to fuel price and must sit up.

Although many factors affect the price of fuel including crude oil price on the international market, subsidies and cost of refining, people only care about how much they pay for their fuel, especially when politicians use fuel price hikes as political capital, promising drastic reductions when voted into power.


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