Founders’ Day: A Message From the Founder of Nsemwoha News

Vimmers, Ghana as we know it today was built on the selfless determination of our forebears who saw the potential in the Blackman, unlike what they had been reduced to; a physically restrained people who were mentally bruised from years of being made second class citizens in their own motherland.

If a people do not know their history, certainly they will not know where they’re headed. Therefore it is incumbent on us as Citizens and Patriots to remind ourselves of and honour those whose deeds set us on this path of freedom we enjoy today.

Happy Founders’ Day. As we celebrate this day, Let’s reflect on what we can do for Ghana and not what Ghana can do for us. Mama Ghana, Asaase Yaa has done enough for us.

Ghana rewards selflessness and bravery in service to the nation, however small. Let’s root out corruption, bribery, uncleanliness, protect our environment and make sure posterity finds this nation better than it is today. ????????????????????????????????????


Joseph Naah-Yerreh (Dada Joe)

Founder, Editor:

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