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Foiled ‘Coup’ Attempt – Why it is not funny


I have seen many pro-NDC and ‘Neutrals’ trying to ridicule claims Dr. Mac-Palm and his accomplices couldn’t stage a coup with the sort of weapons retrieved by security agencies.

First of, I’d say these are uninformed opinions. Going back to the previous successful coups in Ghana, how many bullets were fired in each case? In a well planned coup attempt, the weapons seized would be more than enough to see it through.

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Instability/coup is about getting people in strategic positions to buy into the idea and you might not even need to fire a single bullet to topple a government.

By all intents and purposes, as per information given by MOI, this plot was to unseat government unconstitutionally but thank heavens it was foiled before anything concrete could come out of it.

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Again, don’t let looks fool you, when a skinny looking flight Lieutenant J.J Rawlings seized power in 1979, through a coup, did he have to have the keys to the armoury?. Definitely not, he just needed the right people supporting him.

With that said, I believe their plot was meant to fail right from its incipiency because the Ghanaian people have come to understand the tenets of democracy so much so that, we wouldn’t let anyone tamper with the freedoms with enjoy today as a nation.

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We can certainly make fun of the situation now because our able security services were in control right from the onset, but above all we can take solace in the fact that our security agencies are on top of issues when it comes to national security and terrorism.

Source: nsemwoha.com | Joseph Naah-Yerreh

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