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Find a wife, not someone who just wants to get married – Lady advises men

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A lady has advised men not to give in to the trend of ladies putting pressure on them to walk them down the aisle for the want to fulfill their dream of getting married, without being mentally prepared for the actual journey of marriage.

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Jovial Nana Yaa in a Facebook post, said men in their search for a life partner, should be careful of ladies who are only interested in the pump and pageant of a lovely wedding and the idea of being called Mrs.

Such women, according to her statement, are not necessarily in the know of what it takes to make a good a wife and keep a home and therefore doom awaits such a union in the end.

Find a wife….Not someone who want to get married” she wrote

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Her advise addresses a growing situation whereby ladies of age, mostly in their late twenties and thirties are under intense pressure to get married, mostly from society.

Such ladies therefore focus their attention on getting a man to marry them, and pays very little attention to what kind of marriage they enter.

Such desperate ladies, can put more pressure on a man than a pressure cooker, and sometimes the men fall for it and doesn’t take time to know her but rush to fulfill her desire.

Jovia’s advise is therefore a prudent one, because not only is a compatible couple beneficial to each other, it also saves their children from the monster of a broken or unhappy home.

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