Home General News “Filming policeman assault the woman amounts to entrapment”

“Filming policeman assault the woman amounts to entrapment”


It’s now been 5 days since the video showed up on the internet, it looks to have died down as a typical Ghanaian issues are.

The court of public opinion are now digesting the issue devoid of the sentiments aroused when the video initially appeared. Some are asking on social media and other mediums whether per Hon. Ken Agyapongs definition, the filming of the police officer amounts to entrapment as he wasn’t aware he was being recorded.


One Facebook user posted this:

Others are arguing the woman shouldn’t be let of the hook as she provoked a police man who had a duty to discharge. They argue if everyone disobeys police instructions then the police would have a tough time carrying out their mandate. Others also argue that going forward police officers will hold back on intervening in scuffles or any act of lawlessness for fear of being chastised for using too much force.

Whatever the case, there’s a lot to be learned from the recent mishaps regarding members of the general public and the conduct of police officers.

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