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Fear woman: Man narrates how an occultist accepted Jesus after a lady broke his heart


In this world we live in, there’s almost nothing as painful as broken heart though that topic is rarely spoken about. A broken heart can do more than what the mind can imagine. People have committed suicide because they couldn’t stand the pain of letting go of their partners.

In this age where a lot of factors are put to play when it comes to love, the possibility that one would have a long lasting relationship with the love of your life isn’t guaranteed. Things can change in your love life at anytime. Many people therefore advise that, when falling in love, you do that cautiously. Because giving it your all can have dire consequences in the future.

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Relationship experts or counselors have had a though time recently trying to figure out what could possibly work in relationships since no known recipe seems to be working.

Just as there is a blessing in every misfortune, broken heart has its own good sides. Many people become stronger and wiser after a break up. They pick up the lessons and turn them to their advantage.

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In a social media post we sighted online, Broken heart has changed the life of an occultist for good by forcing him to give his life to Christ. This comes after the guy went through excruciating times trying to put himself together after the break up.

According to a friend of the born again womanizer and occultist, his friend who was nicknamed Scorpion got the shock of his life when a lady she was dating jilted him for another.

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He narrates that, the friend had to seek refuge in an empty church, crying and praying to the Lord for consolation and direction. After consistently visiting the church for two months, he was inducted into the choir of the church and has since been an active member of the church.

He added that his friend has been a known occultist until he met the girl who shattered his heart. He has since refrain from engaging in occultism. The broken heart has been a blessing in disguise for Scorpion who is now known as brother Ekene after his repentance.

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